Indulgence Miami

Bringing You A Five-Star Experience Wherever You Are

Liz Newman knew she belonged in the spa industry when she was 10 years old. Back then, she was much more than just a Long Island kindergartener with red lipstick on – she was inspired and dazzled by the amazing sensory experiences the hospitality world creates. The colors, fragrances and glamour were more than something pretty to Liz; this was an experience that made you feel good from the inside out. 

Liz’s longtime passion is only rivaled by her impressive resume at just 26 years old. Armed with a Hospitality and Business degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Liz was recruited by The Walt Disney Company and became a spa director at the age of 21. She moved around the spa industry from Maine to New York until The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, recruited her to be their Spa Experience Manager. But the journey that awaited her was much more than just a flight from New York to Miami.

Fast-forward a few months and, inspired by a friend’s departure to travel the world, Liz took off alone for a three-week trip to Bali. After a life-changing experience, her world was turned upside down on the plane ride home. Severe stomach pains sent her to a hospital in Malaysia for seven terrifying days. But blessings come in disguise, no matter how heavily cloaked they are. 

When Liz finally returned to Miami, her teammates from The Standard were dedicated to helping her get healthy. For six months, Liz worked with the best healers, from trainers and yoga masters to massage therapists and acupuncturists, all from the comfort of her home. Six months in, Liz realized she was healing quickly, and she felt it was partly because she was doing it at home, in her own space with her own scents, colors and energy.  

All of these individuals had put Liz on a journey to wellness and health, a journey she is still on. And now she’s paving the way for yours. 

 Liz created Indulgence Miami to bring five-star wellness treatments and guest services to her clients at home, in a hotel room or any other location of their choice. With other companies, she helmed every guest’s spa experience to ensure impeccable service and quality from beginning to end. Now, she’s doing that everywhere. 

The Indulgence Miami team provides clients with the most natural, curated healing experiences straight from the people who know what the best truly is. A client’s service is tailored to meet their needs and cater to how they want to feel. Even the products used are made from scratch, with essential oils, mists and body butters made from over 35 live herbs grown on Liz’s own balcony. 

The concept is simple: relax and be pampered in your favorite setting. Wellness never hit so close to home.

Liz is a woman that just wants to help heal people the way so many helped heal her. The only question left is, how do you want to feel?