Indulgence Miami

Bringing You A Five-Star Experience Wherever You Are


Soothe your mind and muscles in unison while you experience every moment of pure personalized relaxation.  Our experts specialize in individualized therapies and customized massage experiences that are solely based upon your needs. Massage enhancements include reflexology, scalp massage, and thai-style stretching.


Infuse your skin with a customized selection of repairing, hydrating, cleansing and exfoliating natural ingredients.  Our effective facial experiences combine both ancient and contemporary techniques, bringing balance and equilibrium to your skin.
*Facial options include anti-aging, blemish erasing and sun overexposure repairing

Indulgence Yoga/ Fitness Training

Inhale, exhale, breathe and release with Miami’s renowned yoga and fitness instructors.  Sweat out your stress in your atmosphere of choice, as your exercise guru further shapes your body while enhancing your alignment

Nail Services

Each Indulgence manicure and pedicure includes calming rituals that incorporate our signature handcrafted blends to induce deep relaxation. Sit back and relax as your hands and toes are shaped, buffed, and styled to perfection.  Your experience is complete with your polish of choice that matches just how fab you are.

Chair Massage

Almost any event is better when you’re receiving a massage.  It’s amazing how in a few short moments of therapeutic touch we feel completely different.  On a yacht, at a party, on the beach…wherever the massage chair can fit, we can indulge! 

Couples Service

There’s nothing quite like relaxing beside the person that makes you shine your brightest. Experience side-by-side pampering in your location of choice as you and your special someone choose between multiple Indulgence custom options.  Picture a beach sunset massage next to your partner complete with champagne, strawberries, and a smile. (sigh)  


Leave the mascara at home! Placed individually over your natural lash, our super soft hairs are weightless on the eyes. Lashes are perfect if you want an natural look, with some added length and thickness to umph up those eyes!